Step By Step Amazon Affiliate Niche Sites Ideas For Beginners In 2023

Unveil a world of opportunity as you explore innovative niche ideas and follow expert strategies, paving your way to lucrative earnings.

Amazon affiliate niche site marketing is a profitable digital marketing approach where affiliate marketers earn huge amounts of money every month. How to make money from Amazon affiliate sites?

Yes! People are different ages want to earn passive income from online marketing, Amazon niche site affiliate marketing is one of the most profitable passive income for anyone if he or she has good knowledge of SEO. The craze of niche site affiliates is tremendously rising. If you are right in SEO and content marketing, you can make from $500 to $5000 in a month from a niche site.

Recently, online marketers have discovered outstanding benefits from niche sites and getting a huge commission in different categories of niches.

If you are ready to hard work and passion in mind to make yourself a successful member of the Amazon affiliate niche site community, this step-by-step guide will help you a lot.

Also, if you are fresher or newbie, and still not familiar with the word “Affiliate Marketing” start reading for the next 15 minutes.

In general, the affiliate is a way to get a commission by selling or helping any companies or producers products which can be physical or digital. Affiliate Program is one of the quickest ways to spread or advertise products for more sales.

Example: Affiliate marketing is like you have an online shop where you want to get more sales, but you have no enough budgets to advertise in the media. DON’T WORRY!! In this situation, you can open an affiliate program in your web store where you give a percentage share of every product to affiliate marketers. Amazon affiliate associates have given up to 10% advertising fees to e-commerce leaders.

Note: The full tutorial is a 10,000 words long article, so you can save or bookmark it in your browser to use it as your Amazon affiliate companion which will guide you to build a niche site without any error.

Promise! It May Take a Few Minutes To Read – Flick Through Before starting your niche website business, I request you to read the complete guide to get some unknown answers about the Amazon Affiliate site. It is a long story of where I expressed my last ten years of journey in niche website building, promotion, and becoming successful or established in life.

Amazon Affiliate Niche Site

Wirecutter A New York Times Company which is referred to as the best Amazon affiliate site.

What Is Amazon Affiliate Niche Sites?

Amazon is the world’s largest e-commerce site, where approximately one core more customers visit in a day. It is considered one of the giant four richest companies along with Facebook, Apple, and Google.

A niche website represents any interest, topic, or theme of a blogger or an affiliate marketer to create value for readers or customers.

Amazon affiliate site is a specialized thematic website that earns from the Amazon associates program offering different product reviews and information guides. A niche website is built to target a particular category, a specific group of audiences or customers’ interests, brands, technology, machines, smartphones, accessories, and so on. Remember! A niche website never sells any products or services; the site only gives information about a product to its readers.

All affiliate niche website isn’t doing only Amazon niche sites because a site can join one more affiliate program. The best example is It is a super cool technology website where you get huge affiliate programs.

A niche website is a very target-oriented website where an emphasis on a little topic or subject. I like Thewirecutter and Best reviews for the best Amazon niche website because the main earning of these two websites comes from the Amazon affiliate program.

Amazon is a giant e-commerce website; there are a thousand more niches in a single niche category. Like; Baby is a niche, but there are many other large niches in a baby like; baby toys, clothing, formula, diapers, maternity products, etc.

The success of your niche site also depends on the quality information that you provide on your website and even on customers’ shopping trends. So, when your reader drives to Amazon pages, it may be a high possibility that the reader converts to customers because of the reputation and trust of Amazon.

To make you a professional and smarter affiliate marketer, you need to know all policies and TOS regarding fees, advertising policies, website creation, and promotion.

Amazon Affiliate Niche Site
Wirecutter A New York Times Company which is referred as the best Amazon affiliate sites.

Is Amazon affiliate is a business or Not?

Here, some controversy I have seen over the last few years, but I can say that you have no control over your Amazon accounts. Amazon has policies that should all affiliates have to respect; otherwise, they can be banned or suspended from the affiliate program.

Authority sites VS Niche sites

Authority website and niche website is not the same. An authority website is a powerful, high volume content site and teaches customers for certain topics. While, the niche is a tiny or little website where discusses a few topics, products, and information.

My favorite authority site is, and niche sites are,,

Amazon Affiliate Niche research

Step #1: Search For A Profitable Niche

The best way to make money from a niche site is to use a micro-niche or tiny niche site. Pet is a niche where you get dogs, cats, fish, small animals, and a thousand more pet products on Amazon. Now! You decide to work with the dog but you may don’t know the variety of dog products. Here you also get a thousand more products where you have no enough knowledge. So, what you do now? Yes! Start your game with any particular dog supplies. Anyone, don’t target more at a time.

>> Follow up infographics to make you more clear on niche research.

Follow some great ways to find your desired niche-

How to choose a niche?
The best way to make money from a niche site that is a micro-niche or tiny niche site. Pet is a niche where you get dogs, cats, fish, small animals and a thousand more pet products on Amazon. Now! You decide work with dog but you may don’t know the variety of dog products. Here you also get a thousand more products where you have no enough knowledge. So, what you do now? Yes ! Start your game with any particular dog supplies. Anyone, don’t target more at a time.
>> Follow up infographics to make you more clear on niche research.
Amazon Affiliate Niche Site

Follow some great ways to find your desired niche-

Find Niche on Amazon Product Categories

Amazon Affiliate Niche Site

The other best way to get a niche idea from Amazon product categorizes “Earth’s biggest selection” by Amazon site directories.

Remember! The categories are very broad where you get massive sub-niches or categories. So, don’t make any mistake with main product categories, go to a very tiny niche where you can search your desired products.

Here you also focus on some important factors of the product choosing process.

  • Product selling trend, reviews and customer overall satisfaction.
  • Check sales rank and number of total reviews in the top or best-selling.
  • Consider the average product price from $50. Don’t choose all high price products because such products selling trend is not good, it’s may seasonal.
  • Check search volume by adding “best” and “reviews” like; Best pack n play Mattress and Pack n Play mattress reviews.

Steal keywords from website buying and selling marketplace

Amazom Affiliate Niche research

EmpireFlippers.comFE International are two popular websites brokers. They are a hugely authoritative and trusted market where you can buy and sell website.

I personally never buy any website from this marketplace but sold out my three sites. So, when I make a plan for any niche site, I check this market.

You can get the popular niches and get huge confidence to start your niche selection process.

When you check any website details, you can get so many keywords from their description and information about the site.

Check Best Niche Sites For Amazon Affiliates

Amazon Affiliate Niche Site
Amazon Affiliate Niche Site

Here you can check the world’s most famous affiliate niche websites where you can get enormous ideas about your niche website.

Note: Do you want to build a multi niche site or a single niche website? There are some factors you must keep in mind before making any type of niche site. The first thing is your investment size and enough patience to achieve your goal.

Single Niche: If you want quick earnings and your budget is also smaller than my best suggestion to start with a very little niche which has 15-20 high selling products on Amazon. I suggest you should choose a very micro niche in your first niche project because it will raise your confidence level. Otherwise, multiple topic niches will take time to get earning which may fight with your perseverance and confidence.

Multi-Niche: To make a bigger online business, most commonly big organizations choose multi niches because the project invests from other businesses which are easy to make them an authority niche site. Their risk factor also lows for their existing business. Also, they hire experienced experts to make extensive research.

Some recommended niches also demanding and profitable; babies, cars, motorcycles, kitchenware or cookware, bicycle, Outdoor, furniture, and home decor. These types of products are right demanding in the USA. So, selecting these types of the niche will bring higher success.

The above criteria on niche research I have discussed the help you to make the next keywords research.

Note: Maximum niche site created to target the USA and for Amazon but it is not always a wise-man deal to focus or target only Amazon niche website but also focus some other affiliates programs.

Browse Competitors Sitemap

Amazon Affiliate marketing niche site

During the time of niche research, you can also get an idea from your competitor’s site. You can check out all posts and pages of competitors by browsing sitemap and also get huge keywords. Browse sitemap by It is also checked by any SEO tools like; Ahrefs and SEmRush.

Amazon Affiliate marketing

Step #2: Learning The Target Audience or Market

When we make niche research, it is also essential to set a target market and audience. Keywords search location gives you an idea about people’s interest and buying trends.

I think more than 95% of Amazon affiliate sites targeted for the USA. In the United States, there are fifty states, and people from all locations are not the same demand for specific products. How do you know the traffic comes from?

I bundle of SEO tools to know the location about traffic. Some great tools I suggest you to buy- Ahrefs, SpyFu, SEMrush, Moz Pro,, AWR Cloud, Searchmetrics Essentials, LinkResearchTools, DeepCrawl, Majestic. These are all paid tools but never lose so much your money in tool or research because you have to expense a lot of money in contents and SEO links.

Are you worried about buying a premium SEO tool? No worries! I am here to help you by providing tools and free techniques to get the right keywords in the shortest possible time. Send me a message on Facebook # or contact through web mail. 

Some free SEO tools I am also using for my target audiences. is an amazing tool to get lots of information about a domain, target keywords, target location, keywords trends, keywords difficulty rate,  content ideas, site audit, and the overall overview of a competitor where you want to build a niche site.

Amazon Affiliate Niche Sites

Google Trend is a great tool for checking a keyword’s behavior, how much searches daily, weekly, monthly and yearly? Where the traffic come from? 

Learning The Target Audience or Market

YouGov is a great tool which will help you a lot to explore the popularity and fame of anything and everything.

Amazon Affiliate Niche Sites

Example: If you choose the car accessories niche, you have to find the interests of a location or fondness about the car. Like this, every product selling trend is not the same in all countries.

Step #3: Profitable Keyword Research and Competition Analysis (Start To Find Profitable keywords)

Amazon Affiliate Niche Site

Lack of knowledge and research in niche selection or, don’t know how to find profitable niches.

KEYWORDS = GOLDMINE. Keywords play the most significant role in your niche website success. If the content is king, keywords are the empire. That’s why I always explain it as a GOLDMINE.

Keyword selection success is everything. Don’t know the proper way to find profitable keywords. Select the wrong keywords — Seasonal keywords, Wrong Competition, or Keywords difficulty. I say, Why not you did manual keyword research? Only one tool is not the perfect way to pick your entrapped keywords.

Doing proper keywords and competition analysis is the top hacks of affiliate marketing. Getting enormous free traffic from Google search, you must find profitable keywords.

Find untapped keywords is not easy at all; you need to do colossal analysis and check the competitor’s website to find this hidden treasure.

I know the maximum affiliate failed for keywords competition or not get low competitive keywords.

Don’t Worry! I am with you and show you a great way to find the best keywords for your niche site.

Keywords Selection Techniques

  • Search Volume — 500 to 5000
  • Keywords Difficulty- Depending on the tool the difficulty rate may differ. I use Ahrefs and choose keywords under difficulty rate 0-5.
  • Keywords finder and revealer the KD rate in under 30.
  • 15-20 high selling products available on Amazon.
  • Skip keywords if it is seasonal.

The way you can make some searches pattern to get your keywords.

  • Best + product name.
  • Best + product name + Review
  • Best + product name + Year
  • Best + Product name + online
  • Top + Product Name
  • Top + Product Name + Review
  • Top + Product name + Year
  • Cheap + Product Name
  • Cheap + Product + Under $–
  • Cheap + Product + Sale
  • Product Name + For Sale
  • Product Name + Coupon
  • Product Name + Review/Reviews
  • How to buy Product name
  • Where Can I Buy + Product Name
  • VS/Or/Compare to + Product Name

Check your new competitor’s keywords – The Best Way I Like Most

You have a keyword “best pack n play mattress”. Go to Google and search with these keywords. Collect the all-new website from the search result and keep a record in a file.

Amazon Affiliate Niche Sites

Now, explore all sites in Ahrefs and see, the tool shows you all report about the place, but now we need only keywords in here.

Open all keywords and filter by KD and volume and include the word “Best” because I want to see the site ranking by all the best keywords.

In the filter button set KD: 0-5 and Volume: 500 – 10000.

The game is on; here you find all low, competitive keywords in a click. Please export all keywords from Ahrefs.

Manual keyword Research – Mandatory

Manually checkup is essential for all keywords to justify the tool Keywords difficulty (KD) and compare the analysis of the real SERP.

I will show you how to do proper keyword research manually.

Note: Please be patience! If you are a success to find keywords, you will find success in the Niche website business.

In manual research, Google with one keyword “best pack and play mattress”.

First, see how many results show in Google, how many affiliate sites, how many new sites VS old sites, Open all new and aged sites to check the content quality and volume.

If you see some social pages in the result, then it will be easy to compete.

New sites are a sign of low competition, consider if you see 2-4 new site.

Don’t consider if you see five more old sites. Please don’t compromise with any aged sites, but the site structure and content may draw your attention.

Do you remember what I told you in Niche’s research? Or, read again for your recall.

You already enlisted lots of new sites when you were checking for a niche and found lots of keywords from your competition (use Ahrefs).

When you make keywords research, please keep all records in a file because one keyword will help to get thousands of keywords. I will show you how to get that.

Note: You must always keep in mind that your competitors will save you a lot of money, time and effort. This is one of my secrets in keywords research I have disclosed to you.

Keyword Begets Keywords / Keywords Reproduction

A single keyword produces a bunch of new keywords. If the search in Google with a search term (keywords) you will get more new sites who are working with many other profitable keywords where you get a lot of ideas about your niche and topic.

From the competitors, you will find some best keywords like; Best Toddler crib mattress, Best baby fences, best baby gates, Best baby stroller and so on.

During the time of niche and keywords research process, you already kept a record of all your competitor’s keywords, now search on Google with these keywords again.

Now, again you find some new competitors and the same way first keep record all sites and do research by Ahrefs. The similar way you find some other keywords.

This is a good process to find keywords from keywords that I call keywords begets keywords or make a reproduction.

Note: Your competitors already expense use money and time to find out keywords, but you can grab all in just a few minutes. So, why not use such techniques?

When you see, you have a hundred more keywords on the same topic or niche. The second stage of research or finalizing keywords is must do.

Step #4: Picking the Right Domain Name

Picking the Right Domain Name
Photo Credit

The domain is the identity or brand name for a website. After choosing the niche and keywords, you will need to buy a domain name. Choose a domain name that will be brandable, memorable, and easy to write.

Which type of domain you have to choose?

Exact match domain Vs  Brandable domain  

The domain name should be created by your niche, product, subject, topic or keywords name. Example: Your main keyword is “Best pack n play mattress” and the domain name you choose or It is not a wise method to pick any exact match domain because in the future it may need to extend your niche to other niches. But then the domain will only represent a single niche.

Brandable domain refers to a domain name that has a variety of synonyms or a name that has a core value of a website or your favorite name or your theme words.

The domain extension is important, always try to go

Why I used this name “”? Honestly, I want to write all about niche-related topics. My interest is to share my knowledge with you guys and my passion is to make an authority niche website but Techie Tide is not an Amazon niche site.

Techie is a word name for “the person who is an expert and love in technology” and the name Tide indicates “long term wave that moves through the ocean.”  Your domain name will give you an identity and the name will awesome if you choose a name related to your niche.

So, Techie Tide will help people all about to make websites for business or affiliates. Now! I’m writing on niche websites, but maybe one day I will add more niches here. So, it is also essential to choose a brandable domain, not an exact matching domain.Example: If your keyword is the best pack n play mattress, the site name is not a wise pick. The best practice is to name a domain like

Note: I love to see the domain name that expresses any macro brand able niche. Because tiny topic domain names threat for future and also when you want to sell the site, the buyer may think it. Maybe it will be impossible to expand the site to multiple niches.

The domain name has no significant role in Google ranking, but it is great for your branding and broader the niche.

How to generate Domain name?

Here are some best domain name generator. I personally use some of them before I buy any domain.


Domain Name Registration

Amazon Affiliate Niche Site

Namecheap is my hot favorite, my all websites registered from Namecheap. You can buy a domain in $8-$10 with coupon code and also they are offering free WHOISGurd and the renewal fee also very low. For newbies, I always refer to Namecheap hosting, Price is very low and I have outstanding experiences with customer support. You will get help 24 hours customer support and just arrived in few seconds. They love their customers and making a huge difference in the domain hosting business.

I am also a big fan of A2hostingInMotionHostingerBluehostSiteground which is best for site security and performance. This is a little expensive but the best worth for your niche site.

Friends! If you have little time to read the top 6 best web hosting service providers it will helpful you to choose the perfect hosting for your website performance.

Step #5: Purchasing Super-Fast Web Hosting

Amazon Affiliate Niche Site

Web hosting service refers to a server where your website data will be stored and manage all data from a central resource.

Few things you need to consider before buying a super-fast hosting-

Site loading speed is a very important factor in Google ranking. If your website loading speed is slow, your reader will be annoyed or move to another page from Google.

Amazon Affiliate Niche Site
Hostgator is a Best Web Hosting Company
Amazon Affiliate Niche Site
Bluehost is a great web hosting Company

I use Bluehost, Hostgator both are high in loading speed. Also, Siteground and Namecheap another good option for niche website hosting.

Both companies have the option to host an awesome niche website. Recently, Bluehost offers $6.95 in a month and Hostgator $7.16 per month.

Note: If your budget is low, I prefer to buy Namecheap; I love Namecheap of their outstanding customer support. Once when I was new in this sector, I used Namecheap at a low price and got customer support within minutes. It’s awesome!!

Step #6: Setting Up The Site (CMS, Themes, Plugins & Configurations)

Once you have finished registering a domain and hosting setup, you have to install CMS, theme, plugins, and configurations.

Amazon Affiliate Niche Site
WordPress is the best CMS for website building easily.

Content Managements System

WordPress is a widely used content management system, 25% more website now powered by WordPress CMS. It is based on PHP, MySQL which has features include awesome plugin and template system.

Maybe more than 90% of amazon niche sites built with WordPress. It is easier to use any theme, plugin, and add-ons to make an excellent look and interface.

Anyone can make a site with WordPress because you don’t need to know how to code on this platform. Your content automatically outputted or displayed to your target readers. So, don’t think you need to learn to code.

Choose Light and Responsive Theme

After installing WordPress, you need a WordPress theme to function on the website.

10 Best WordPress Theme for a Niche website-

  • Astra
  • Generatepress
  • Focus Blog By thrive Theme
  • Rise by Thrive theme
  • Divi by Elegant Theme
  • Extra by Elegant themes
  • Schema
  • Genesis Framework
  • Yosemite
  • Sensational

I used a maximum theme from the above list, but I suggest you use Generatepress and Astra. Or Choose anyone if you already have one.

Once you have done setting up your theme, you will need to set up some plugin to add more functions to the website.

Set up Mandatory Plugins And Buy Top Rated Plugin

To add more features and interface you need to use some mandatory plugins and also need to use some paid version as well. But if you have budget deficit you can go with free versions.

Some plugin you need to install-

  • Akismet – To block spamming
  • YoastSEO- To configure on-page SEO and Google Sippet.
  • WP rocket/ W3 Total Cache — Delete server cache file or unused file to make a website load faster.
  • WordPress backup to Dropbox- Reduce your risk of any uncertainties that may attract by hacker or viruses.
  • Social locker- Technique to get like and share by hidden content.
  • Click To Tweet – Easy to share your post on twitter.
  • Free Tools to Grow your Email List
  • Social Sharing and Analytics by SumoMe
  • Pinterest Pin It Button On Image Hover And Post
  • Outbound Link Manager
  • Floating Social Bar
  • Contact Form 7
  • TablePress

Step #7: Setup Mandatory Pages / Menu

Amazon affiliate mandatory pages

Every website has some mandatory pages which you can make before you upload your products reviews and information.

Mandatory Page:

Optional Page:

  • Case Studies 
  • Career
  • Research And Development 
  • Team Members 
  • Write for Us 
  • Our Approach 
  • Capabilities 

I always publish these pages before publishing my main posts to acquainted with Google and also helps to introduce a website to Google positively.

You can navigate all these pages in the top hear to express yourself and your credibility.

Step #8: Quality, Authentic Content Creation and Publishing

Amazon Affiliate Niche Site

Content is king and more than 90% of investment in niche websites is content. In a word, a website measure by quality content and its readers or visitors. So, put your maximum effort into content writing. It is another hack in affiliate success.

You must give more emphasis on three factors when you make an affiliate niche website. The first one is a niche, second is Keyword research, and the third one is powerful content writing. If you did the right niche and keywords analysis, you would bring you success.

Example: If you choose the wrong keywords and write for that I think this is a waste of time and money. Again, if your keywords are excellent but content quality is not good, then you waste your all effort, especially money. We all know that money is always costly to build a niche website.

Do you hire content Writer? Or, Write your own Content

Authentic, fresh, and quality content play a vital role in your amazon niche website business. A creative, passionate content writer contributed enough to make success an affiliate website or ruin it by their lousy content. So, you must have knowledge of how quality content he or she gives you. I always suggest my students check, and double-check your content, but all experts are not right in the English language or like Native. Don’t worry about it if you have hired any proofreader.

Do you write for your website or hire someone? It is always a million-dollar question to me in content writing. First, if you are right in English (website language), have enough time, perseverance and research, I prefer you should write your own content.

On the other hand, you can hire a reliable and creative writer who can provide you authentic, fresh content. Maximum affiliate experts are hiring writers for their blog from many marketplaces like; Fiverr, Upwork, iwriter, hirewriter, and so on.

I have five writers who are very smart and contributed a lot to my all projects. But it will be great if you love to write your content because no one loves more than your content.

Write for Your readers, not for amazon products or Affiliate

We all make a common mistake on our niche website that is we are writing for Amazon products but not for our visitors. If you misguided any customer with a wrong product review, remember this will damage or ruin your website branding and bottomless basket.

When you collect products from Amazon, you should collect high rated and top-selling products that are credible to the customer. If any customer buys products by wrong information from your post, the buyer can return the product to Amazon, and you will lose your commission. It will also negatively affect your recurring or returning customers.

Format of your content: Content format and structure is right for your website. There is no fixed content format, but what I follow in my four types of content format I will share with you.

Pillar Page Content:  Pillar page content is detailed, and high volume content was a niche, or all products described broadly. I keep the word volume between 3000 – 5000 words. I keep one pillar page on my all websites.

Single Product Review: Here, I write 1000 – 1200 words.

Top 5 or 10 product reviews: I always write 3000+ words in top listed product reviews.

Informative Content: Information collected from many sources like; personal test, amazon products description, reviews, amazon question answer, Wiki, Quora, competitors. I make 700 to 1500 words.

On-page SEO: After writing and uploading content, you must optimize your on-page SEO. On-page SEO plays a vital role in Google ranking, according to Yoast, Moz, Ahrefs, Semrush.

Why do you invest on Niche Website? (Amazon Affiliate Website)

Amazon Affiliate marketing invest

If you think you have enough passion, determination, dedication, and hard-working mentality, only then I will suggest you come to the niche website business. Otherwise, you waste your time and money that will pay you badly after a specific time. I’m not saying amazon affiliate is hard for you but minimum basic knowledge on SEO and content you must require. If you think you have the necessary experience in SEO and Content optimization, I think you are the right one to choose the business. But if you are motivated by your friends or brothers a thousand dollar income, I say you are not ready to invest in a niche website.

Now, I think the future of amazon’s affiliate niche website never ends, but the commission fees rate might have ups and downs.

  1. Customers always want to get enough information about products before buy. Especially from those customers who already bought this product and have ideas about it. So, your product reviews also demanded to customers because they want to get neutral information about a product history or satisfaction.
  2. Every business appoints vendors or marketers to promote their products and costs a massive amount of money in media advertisements like; TVs, newspapers, sponsored and billboards. But if any business opens an online affiliate program to increase sales and it is cheaper than any other publications. So, your authentic information always demanded readers who may convert to sales.
  3. “Two birds with one stone” is a smart affiliate niche site ever-dynamic, sustainable, dependable and profitable because they monetize their site from many affiliate programs not only for amazon. So many ways a niche site can monetize and earn a commission. So, I think a niche site can receive from multiple affiliates.
  4. An excellent earning website can flip or sell in the different marketplace like; Shopify Exchange, Flippa, Empire Flippers, Side Projectors, FE International, Sedo, BizBroker24,, WeSellYourSite,

Note: To build a professional niche website is not like a joke or matter of time; every business has some core values and principles. So, before starting an online store, you, please ask yourself how much passion you have had on that niche. For writing authentic product reviews, it will be required to need in-depth research before writing on it.

5 Introspection Before Start Your Game: Behind The scenes of Amazon Affiliate Niche Website

Amazon Affiliate Niche Sites

“Know thyself” Know your authentic self about your knowledge. In my few years of experience, I have seen many affiliate niche websites failed for lack of proper niche selections, SEO knowledge, wrong content, and so on. A niche website success mainly depends on a few core subjects-

1. What You Need To Get Start A Niche Website?

It is a pervasive question from many newbies. Don’t worry! Today your concept will clear, and you can decide how to start your first affiliate website.

First, you have to learn advanced level SEO, Web design, and development (WordPress CMS is easy to make a site). You must be required to have explicit knowledge in keyword research and competition analysis.

English proficiency and writing skill development is a must for content writing or content optimization. Or, you have to hire creative writers who have basic knowledge of SEO. SEO friendly writers are an optional but original, authentic, and passionate writer is mandatory. A writer who has a strong command in the knowledge of grammar, spelling, punctuation, reasoning, problem-solving, ability to read more, research skills, and honesty. Writing your content always well and minimize your cost by 50%.

People are still afraid of hearing the budget for a niche site. Before talking about the budget, I want to know about your writing skills and SEO knowledge. If you already have profitable niche keywords and write your content, your cost will be reduced by 80%. Other costs domain hosting, theme, and plugin. After the website is live, you need to buy some guest post links from relative authoritative. You can start your niche website with 500-$1000 depends on your skill and knowledge.

The last thing is perseverance, dedication, engaging power with your website. If you think Niche site success comes overnight or in a few days or months, I suggest not going to such a business. Every niche website business behind the scene is not like a bed of roses. So, your introspection is very important.

2. Do You Know SEO / Search Engine Optimization? (Pillar of success)


Niche website starts with SEO; you must have enough knowledge about SEO. It is easy to become an SEO expert but needs to research a lot and require reading lots of popular SEO blog. Some great blog I always read-,,,,,,, Search Engine Watch, Hobo-web, Matthew Woodward, Search Engine Land, Search Engine Journal, Yoast Cognitive SEO, GotchSEO, Builtvisible, Lion Zeal, Distilled, SEO by the Sea, SEER Interactive, Search Engine Roundtable, Kaiser the Sage.

Note: The success behind the scenes of a niche website is SEO. The more you develop your SEO skill, the easier to reach your goal.

To make a niche website, you don’t need to wait until you are an SEO expert. But you must learn how to find a profitable niche and keywords. This is the pillar of success and never rushes or compromise with it. So, wait at least you are okay in keywords research and find an evergreen niche.

Find a great niche and low, competitive keywords are not always easy. You must have patience when you make niche research. Don’t make any mistakes when you choose the final keywords. I say, check and double-check with two more keyword tools and must check the manual competition.

A new niche website success also depends on long-tail keywords. Low search and low competition bring you the quickest traffic and help to get converted to sales. To do long-tail keywords research, you can use long tail pro; it is incredible to get long-tail keywords and also get help from Keywords Everywhere.

Offer: I know you are now a little confused about SEO secrets, how to overcome it. YES! Never get tensed, I will arrange a free video live session for you. Techie tide promised to become your affiliate marketing success partner. Any questions you can through in our contact or chatbox. Our team is always ready to help you.

3. Do You Think You Have Enough Perseverance/Dedication/Determination/Hard Working Passion?

Work hard, big dream. A niche site always takes time to get success but not wait for years. I have heard lots of affiliates success stories. I have made ten more sites where I succeeded in my nine sites. Because I failed in my first project for lack of knowledge in niche selection and keywords. All stories of building affiliate websites are not easy, or not as bed of roses. 

 Ask some freelancers or digital marketing experts who are working 18 more hours in a day. Sometimes they are missed their launch, dinner, even breakfast time. The addiction of work and the love of this lesson (Affiliate or freelancing)make you a boss in your destiny. 

 Many successful affiliates didn’t get their desired success in the first affiliate website for lack of experiences. It proves failure is the pillar of success. Never lose your trust and believe in yourself, be confident, perseverance, and determinant. 

4. Is affiliate marketing still profitable 2019?

Yes! Of course, the niche website business is still profitable, but the competition is double in the last few years. Don’t worry!! The game is always enjoyable if it has the fullest fighting.

Remember! Choose a chase-able niche, competition, and keywords; otherwise, the game will be uncomfortable. My friends! Always find a weaker rival who has just started a website or new website on Google page rank. You must select low keywords’ difficulty because it helps to get your goal in a short time.

  • Amazon is a trusted e-commerce site, so it is always the next level or advance was to get more conversion from your product reviews. Your reader is also comfortable to buy from amazon for trust, goodwill, and proper time shipment.
  • Amazon has uncountable products, and every day new products are listed. So, it is easy for you to choose different products affiliate.
  • The commission rate may vary, and little low compared to any other affiliate program, but it is not a problem in your profit. People always trust amazon, and the volume of sales is still high.
  • If your site monthly earning is right, you can find a sell or flip website. Generally, a website sells in 25X-35X. Like if your site monthly earning is 2k you can sell it in 60k-65k.  

So, don’t waste your time, just start learning and build your first affiliate niche website and be a part of a global affiliate village.

5. Do You Need Help From Experts or Do you Become your Own Boss?

Yes if you want to be a quick learner, you may require help from an expert or mentor who can pave the way or open all doors for you. If you think you can get help from YouTube or SEO blog that will great but some tips you never find in any video tutorial or any SEO blueprint or book. So, if you have the chance to work as an intern with an expert, try to grab the opportunity. Remember! You must follow a proper and practical guideline to rank your site in Google. 

Note: For full SEO you can read backlinkco and neilpatel blog, and for on-page SEO I think Yoast SEO blog is best. Keep reading I can be guaranteed you will cover most of the part of the SEO. So, try to develop your reading habit every day, not more but at least 2-3 hours. I already provide some great blog where you can see serf. After I finish reading all these blogs, note down and come and join my video session. I will wait to help you. 

At Glance About Amazon Affiliate Marketing

Amazon Affiliate Marketing is one of the most popular passive income sectors where affiliates get commission by building a product review website, YouTube Product reviews, Social media, and mobile apps.

  • 95% of income comes from a niche website
  • 3% come from YouTube Video
  • 2% of mobile apps
  • 1% social Media
  • Shortcut process:
  • Build a niche website
  • Rank website in Google 1st page
  • Apply to Amazon associate (Affiliate Account)
  • Insert your affiliate links
  • Promote your affiliate links by quality information
  • Reader converted to the customer by clicking affiliate links
  • Amazon pays you commission (1-10%)
  • Get Check or bank transfer.

Pros of amazon associate-

  • Amazon is a number one e-commerce site(A-Z products)
  • Conversion rate is higher than others
  • Easy to convert a reader to the customer for amazon’s trust and reputation.
  • Timely payment.
  • The visitor feels comfortable to drive amazon pages.

Cons of Amazon affiliate– Every business has policies and little or more risk factors. So, don’t bother!

Advertising fees are low compared to other affiliates but ethically right because of amazon’s popularity and an established market already.

No control over the amazon affiliate program because policies, terms, and conditions must need to follow. You can ban anytime for your fault.


  • Need a website and visitors
  • Need at least three sales in 6 months or 180 days
  • Have original Content

How can Help?

  • TechieTide can build your amazon niche website.
  • TechieTide can rank your keywords
  • Offer ready-made website
  • We can find a buyer for your website.

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