SEO Keywords Research For Your Niche Blog in 2023

In this insightful post, we delve deep into the art of SEO keywords research, unveiling the strategies and tools that will set your niche blog on a trajectory towards unprecedented success.

To start a niche site the most powerful element is keyword research. It is one of the most dominant factors to rank a site on Google’s 1st page. If you fail here, the full project will be collapsed. It is the very beginning research process of a niche site.

Don’t hurry with a niche and keywords!

I can describe profitable keywords with goldmine; if you are thinking of making an Amazon niche site, you must know the proper way of keyword research. Keywords can make your niche site success or smash your dream within a few months. I can guarantee if you do proper keyword research, your 8o% SEO will be completed, and you can minimize your competitor’s threat at the beginning of the niche site project.

As a niche site entrepreneur, I have to fight with many challenges those were uncomfortable, time & money wastes, and maybe this is not the real place to talk about. I will share a case study with you later. But today, I will show you some actionable ways to get the right Keyword with a brainstorming research process. 

Keyword Research For Amazon Niche Site

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What Is Keyword Research?

What is a Keyword?

In terms of SEO or Google Search Engine, a keyword is the query of any word, phrases, question, or anything that you use in Google search for desired answer. But if you are an SEO expert or niche site owner, the word “Keyword” meaning is a little different and valuable. 

Now, what is keyword research? 

Yes! Simply we can say, A keyword research is to find the quantity of people search (SV) and competition in Google search results. But at the same time, it is also essential to know the search locations or places, time, gender, interests, age, demand, purchase behaviour, and so on. 

Earlier I mentioned, Profitable keywords are a goldmine. So, it is not easy to get mine in a few hours of research. But I can assure anyone if you know the proper way or techniques to get the hidden keywords out from the pit it will be effortless.

I very much know, 50-60% of niche sites fail only the reason for wrong keywords selection and lack of niche site plan. InshaAllah! Today I will try to help you to get your profitable keywords, which will go you a long way of your life success.

Why is Keywords Research Important In Niche Site Projects?

Before starting your niche site, you must research your keywords. Proper keyword research is a critical factor in niche site success. 

I hope there is no debate here! 

I always told my students, profitable keywords ahead, your 80% success to rank a site on Google’s first page, which drives your target traffic and convert to sell. 

You may already have some basic knowledge about SEO, and yes! Specially keyword research. Now the question raises why you must do keyword research or why Keyword is relevant in niche site-building?

You may learn that a niche site creates value to its readers or product buyers by providing product reviews, information, and comparison between two or more products. Niche site gets more than 95% traffic from Google and other search engines where people using different queries or search terms (Keywords). 

When you know that your 95% site visitors come from Google organic or free traffic, then you must have to learn how the search engine works or how you get rank in Google search engine?

Google search engine is smarter than the last few years ago, which updates its system or algorithm frequently or multiples in a month.

Keywords are simply a word, or more phrase uses in Google search box is not the same meaning to a niche site builder or SEO experts. Keyword research varies from person to person, profession to profession like; keyword research for a niche site is not the same as a Google AdSense site. Or, keyword research for a dentist is not the same as a doctor. Yes! Why? I will clear it in a few minutes of your read. 

When we are making keyword research for a niche site, we need to research visitor or buyer intent, location, age, time & duration, season, search volume, KC, Commercially, and so on.

But when we are making keyword research for Google AdSense or informative sites, we generally focus on search volume, KC, and location. 

The main difference is visitors demand or buying intent like; in a niche site, we use so many buying intent words before and after of a seed keyword/product name. Follow step #2, where you can use some of the buying intent formats.

What Is Golden Keywords & How To Get Golden Keywords?

In today’s study, this is very important to know about Golden Keyword and how easily you get your road to keyword mine. 

Golden Keywords” is a keyword that is very precious, rewarding, worth a great deal for a niche site.

Some great features in Golden Keywords you must check-

  • Search purpose, intention, objective & target.
  • Search Volume (SV) or several searches or potential search traffic in a given keyword.
  • Search Competition or Keyword competition to evaluate how challenging to rank on Google for a particular search query.
  • Amazon niche value is product selling trend, customer satisfaction level & reviews, product density (Number of brands, products, and substitute), and seasonality (fluctuation or pattern of sale).
  • Instant purchasing keyword terms are best/top, cheap, buy, review, discount, and product name.
  • Google trend & keyword sustainability is the search record of past, present, and forecast of future search trends.
  • Cost per click that is giving by the advertiser.

How To Find Profitable Keywords For Niche Site?

The above seven factors of Golden keyword research help a lot to get profitable and target niche visitor. I said earlier it is not a quicker process, but it is easy and time-consuming.

Generally, we are making two types of niche site, single niche and multi-niche site. I know you are new or have little experience or knowledge of niche sites. So, before starting your keyword research, you should focus on a skinny, small niche where you can cover your topic/niche with 40 to 70 thousand word information. Don’t go with any difficult niche that has vast competition or information already available on the internet. 

Here is some format to make your keywords by your thinking power. Remember you never find any unknown keyword from your buyers; it must create by you-

  • Best/Top Rated/cheap/quality/Buy/ + Product Type
  • Best/Top Rated/cheap/quality/Buy/ + Product Type +Online/Review/Year/
  • Best/Top Rated/cheap/quality/Buy/ + Product Name+Online/Review/Year/
  • Product Name + Vs/Or/Compared to + Product Name

Now, if you don’t know the buyer behaviour, how you convert your visitor to Amazon sell? So, you must broadly research on your target traffic before you make your content. 

Generally, when people search with common or well-known keywords it means it has competition in the search result. In the present time, it is tough to get low competitive keywords to make a niche site. Nowadays, more search in the search result means many websites are providing information in a single search. 

So, I advise you to know Google very well, what the engine likes, and whatnot. Also, as a niche site entrepreneur, you must do your keyword research first. A study found that about 60% of the niche site project do not get good results only for wrong keyword research. 

Step By Step Keyword Research For Amazon Niche Site Beginners

STEP #1: BRAINSTORM FOR SEED KEYWORDS (Must Note Down Every Single Word Of Your Research)

Filter seed keywords from different eCommerce sites; Amazon, eBay, target, Wikipedia, forum, and steal seed from authority niche sites. Figured out the perfect seed keywords to get the most actionable keywords.

How To Find Seed Keywords?

  • Generate your seed keywords ideas from product categories, Title on amazon. 
  • Google your seed keywords and see the Google suggestion. List all pieces of information in your file and then add some value word before and after of all seed and Google suggestion keywords.
  • Browse Amazon products, Categories, best sellers, Title & description. Also, you can check some customer reviews to get an idea of what type of product name or keywords they are writing on reviews that means they know the product on that name, which helps you to get the seed keyword ideas.
  • eBay, Target, Walmart are the leading e-commerce site, you can check products and categories.
  • Visit some forum sites where the customer is discussing with many products and want to know ideas from you. I suggest visiting at least Reddit, Quora, Wikipedia.

Researching Keywords Using The Seed List

Filter for seed keywords will help you to get some new rivals or competitors who are making the site a few days or months ago; now, you can browse all those new sites in ahrefs, semrush and free tool ubersuggest.

This process will save your time a lot and make you confident whether your research is going in the right way. Remember! No one can make your keyword research 100% accurate unless you do it by your effort. Don’t skip the process; this is the pillar of niche site success.

STEP #2: Use Buying Intent Value With Seed Keywords

The more you get traffic, the more visitors convert to sell; this is a wrong concept for niche sites. Your niche site conversion rate depends on your visitor’s buying intent or behavior. What are people want to get from your website? 

Generally, a niche site provides reviews and information about a specific product. When anyone searches with Best, Top, cheap, quality, and product name with seed keywords it indicates he or she wants to know the consumer reviews or satisfaction to buy that product.

  • Cheap + Product Type
  • Quality + Product Type
  • Product Name + For Sale
  • Best + Product Type + Online
  • Best + Product Type + Review
  • Best + Product Type + Year
  • Buy + Product Type / Product Name
  • Where Can I Buy + Product Name / Product Type
  • Product Name + Vs/Or/Compared to + Product Name
  • Product Name + Review/Reviews
  • Product Name + Coupon

STEP #3: Keyword Competition With Tool & Manually

Keyword competition is a process of analysis of how difficult a keyword faces to rank on Google page result or 1st position. When you are researching for golden keywords, you must emphasize on two main factors; search volume and the competition. 

I used two or three SEO tools (ahrefs, SEMRush, Keyword finder), those I use to check for the search volume, KC or KD (gather initial idea), CPC, Link juice, Content Volume. But nowadays, I do not purchase any paid SEO tool except ahrefs. Buy many SEO tools sometimes wastes of money, and I think you can do it by free SEO tools. 

Here are some tools you can use for your keyword research-

Ahrefs: Still now, ahrefs is the number one SEO tool where you can get all in one SEO tool. I love it a lot, but they are not showing 100% accurate results and fail to show very recent data on your website. You can buy it from the group by the SEO tool; it is very cheap now. 

Note: At least use it for your final keyword selection.

SEMRush: It is also an excellent tool for keyword research, but the tool too fantastic for other SEO research and analysis of your present ranking. If you are ready to buy a single SEO tool only, I suggest choosing anyone from ahrefs or SEMRush.

Note: Buy ahrefs or SEMRush.

Ubersuggest: Free Keywords tool by Neil Patel. Lots of controversies, mix experiences, but I like it only to check search volume and KC.

For the long tail keyword:

Longtailpro: In a word, it is excellent. I love the tool for long-tail keywords. An open secret of niche site success is long-tail keywords. So, at the beginning of the niche site, you must collect your long-tail keywords.

LSIGraph: Free Keyword tool, and it is also fantastic for your keyword research. It is a Pro version, and if you buy it, I hope that will best worth of your money. If possible, buy it for one month. A new free tool for your keyword research. I love it for LSI keywords. Data are almost accurate with ahrefs, Ubersuggest. A niche site creates value by providing information, and the tool will help you generate huge questions that may a buyer ask in Google.

Google Trend: “Explore what the world is searching.” It explores search location (country, cities) and showing the trend of visitors daily, monthly, and yearly. It is also great if you want to compare two or more keywords at the same time.

Manually competition test: Manually, Keyword check-up is the only way to get transparent information about a keyword competition. SEO tools never provide you perfect or 100 percent accurate data, I practically test it with top 5 keyword tools those are mismatch result, but the difference is very near. You can get the initial idea from a keyword tool, but the final or finish test is manual.

The manual test shows instant competition or present competition between rivals. Many niche sites failed only lack manual keyword research. So, I strongly suggest making a Keyword manual test after finalizing your keywords.

STEP #4: Find Competitors And Do A Useful Research

Google search your primary keywords (ex. BEST PORTABLE DVD PLAYERS) and find new websites that are less than a year or unique. Don’t waste your time with hard competitors sites, but you can learn a lot from their website content ( content quality, keywords posting on content).

Note: I suggest you find new sites that are very new. You can save a lot more time and generate a vast idea when you grab or explore a new competitor site. A new competitor already spends a lot of time on research before creating the website that you do not do. How do you know the exact domain age of your competitor? Yes! You can search Google with Whois, use any site to check the right domain age. Remember! SEOquake does not provide the correct period of a domain. 

Root Domain: It is expressing a domain trust, authority, and brand to the eye of Google. But different SEO agencies or tools showing root domain by a different name. Ahrefs are calling it TS-TF, SemRush calling it DS-TS, and Moz expressing it DA-PA. All these names are calculating by the backlinks profile matrix or how much strength, or trusted sites refer to another website by linking (Backlinks).

Weak Site: New sites, low ranking, low-quality content, low backlinks profile, little traffic(Alexa rank, ahrefs rank, Moz rank, SemRush rank) expressing a site weakness. But sometimes all new sites are not weak; it will depend on the site content volume and quality. 

Page Rank: Pagerank was named after Larry Page, who is one of the founders of Google. PageRank expressing the significant pages of websites which measuring the quality number of links to decide how vital the site is. So, when you make your competitor analysis, you should check the rival’s quality links or PageRank.

Juice Page: How trusted or authority niche websites are referring sites for its quality information. Naturally, it is a backlinks profile matrix that will help you to pick a keyword or not to select. Don’t worry whenever you see a thousand spam links, count only good backlinks because a thousand low backlinks can defeat with a persuasive authority backlinks. So, still, you are in the race!

Page Authority: Page authority (PA) is a Metric that is developed by the giant SEO agency MOZ. The tool uses a 0-100 scale to determine a page score, which means a high page has the probability of ranking well in Google or other search engine results. So, you should consider the factor when making your keyword research for a niche site. 

E-Commerce Sites: E-commerce sites are not your niche site competitors, but they are creating fully or partially blocks the rank of niche sites in particular queries or keywords. But, Google 95% BEST type keywords(ex. BEST PORTABLE DVD PLAYERS) ranking for niches sites. Generally, when we search for PORTABLE DVD PLAYERS or DVD PLAYERS, Google showing a top e-commerce site. So, always concentrate on your buying intent keywords type, and of course, it’s competition is countable.

KWs in the Title of the page: In a stage, you should check the number of exact Keywords in the title competitor pages. Google search by your Keyword Like; kwintitle:BEST PORTABLE DVD PLAYERS. It will show the page title of the total number of your niche competitors. But you can also see some pages from social media like; Pinterest, Quora, or forum those are not your competitors at all. 

KWs in the URL of the page: The same way you can track the exact match URL of your competitors. Like, kwinurl: BEST PORTABLE DVD PLAYERS.

A number of a niche site: See how many niche sites working with the keywords and how strong their backlinks profile. There is no exact or definite number of niche sites or backlinks, but it is useful if you see very few places working with the keywords that are new also. Sometimes you can compromise with the moderate competition if the search volume is excellent. But don’t take a massive load for low search keywords.

One or more niche sites: It is a useful indicator if you see one or more niche sites.

One or more forum posts: Social sites, forum sites are ranking in a keyword that expressing low information or content, which is small.

STEP #5: Finalizing Keywords

Above all steps will bring you in step #5, where you can finally keywords one by one. All the above research processes, I suggest you make the maul research carefully because SEO tools always misguide you by showing the wrong keyword difficulty rate. The real show is presented in Google search pages. So, every step, you will do manual research.

Remember! If you are very new in this niche site marketing, I strongly suggest you work under a mentor who has vast experiences in this sector or success in a niche site. No affiliate guide may be guaranteed you the best keyword selection process. All research is 80-90% the same, but some techniques may vary person to person experiences because all are not failing in the same place, and the success story also differ. But I can guarantee one thing for your inspiration; you will make a profit from a niche if you get golden or profitable Keywords and good content writer; your success is in your pocket.

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